Bethany Retirement Living

Fargo, ND

Community Life Assistant/Activities

$43,000-$67,000 / YEAR

The Community Life Assistant helps plan and implement small and large group activities and one to one interventions based upon the needs and preferences of the residents enhancing quality of life.  Completes documentation of activity participation and helps evaluate programs.

Job Requirements

1.      Works cooperatively with Community Life Department staff, individual residents, and other department staff to assess the needs of the residents; assists Coordinators with planning activity programs and organizing monthly Activity Calendars with input from the residents.

2.      Prepares for activity groups by getting supplies needed, setting up for programs, inviting and assisting residents to activity programs of choice, and maintaining a safe work environment.


3.      Implements activity programs that inspire the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial well-being of the residents and maximize the resident’s level of independence and choices; adapts activities to meet the abilities of the residents using creative problem solving and adaptive equipment.

4.      Completes Daily Activity Participation Records and other documentation to have a record of residents’ participation in group and independent activities; assists with evaluating programs based on the needs of the residents.  May be required to complete Minimum Data Set (MDS), Quarterly Progress notes, and Care Plans when filling in for a Coordinator position.

5.      Serves as a contributing member of the neighborhood/household. Is able to assist residents with basic ADL’s as needed.