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Bankhead Technologies, Inc.

United States

Senior Systems Engineer

$80,000-$125,000 / YEAR

Opportunity for Direct Hire

Role Title:  Sr. Systems Engineer
Primary Location:  US Remote  (permanently)
Service Locations:  NYC, WaDC, and Huntsville_AL  (rare travel may be req’d)
Duration:  Full Time, Long Term (5+ yrs), Permanent FTE

Job Overview

FTE will provide engineering level technical services regarding architecture, design, implementation, management, and support of Microsoft systems for BTI enterprise clients.

Availability and Work Schedule

  • FTE must remain available during business hours (8a-5p CST, Mon-Fri) - however, workstation schedule can be flexible, given a company-wide results-oriented approach to work and scheduling.

  • Some work may be required outside of normal business hours (nights/weekends).  Advance notice and schedule trade-outs (or PTO credit) will be provided.
    • Emergency On-Call availability will also be required on a rotating basis.

  • FTE will maintain high awareness for internal contact via company messenger during business hours, and will be accountable for immediate response times.
    • *Note: this is one of the most critical HR qualifications for this role, due to “work from home”, and “flexible schedule” facets of the role.


  • Primary FTE workspace will be located at home office on a permanent basis.
  • Expect 95-100% of all work to be completed from home office.
  • FTE will primarily serve clients in Huntsville AL, NYC, and WaDC, but travel will rarely be required.
  • Mileage, flights, lodging, per diem, and/or any other travel expenses will be covered by BTI in every case.

Specialized Knowledge

Not all skill sets below are required in a single candidate.  Willingness to be trained as needed may be required.  Multiple staff will be assigned to this team to cover all skill set requirements.

  • Recent/Current Engineering Level Experience with:
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise
      • Including Migration from MS Exchange
    • Microsoft Hyper-V
    • Microsoft Windows Server
    • Microsoft Active Directory
      • Including AD Replication
    • Microsoft Azure
      • From system concept and design, to implementation and on-prem support.
      • Virtualization solutions (servers, workstations, LDAP/AD, etc)
      • MDM/MAM (centralized device control)
      • DLP controls
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Microsoft Sharepoint
    • Engineering and Management of Hybrid Local/Cloud AD Environment
    • Engineering and Management of Cisco and Linux Networking

  • Familiar with the following concepts, methods, and systems
    • Project Management
    • Centralized, managed enterprise solutions
    • MFA & other identity management/verification solutions
    • Password Management methods and systems
    • Automated response solutions for monitoring, incident response, and reporting
    • Cloud imaging, deployment, and backup/recovery.
    • Network discovery and audit


  • Familiarity with enterprise level corporate best practices
  • Ability to research and identify qualified solutions
  • Maintain high success rate of generated solutions

Education Requirements

  • Ability to pass Development interview based on Qualifications and Knowledge listed above
    • Degree or Certifications in related field(s) desired
    • 3-5+ years of experience in related field(s) desired

*Note: Testing will be conducted by master development and engineering specialists.  This position will require genuine expertise at the “Senior” level, and those without, need not apply.

Salary Range

  • $80,000 - $125,000
  • Salary offer will be determined based on salary history and/or market value of determined skill level (based on interview & testing results).


  • Full Medical (incl comp, vision, dental, and life options) benefit options can be provided as needed via Blue-Cross Blue-Shield Platinum and other available plans.
  • BTI provides cost matching options for insurance costs.

Role Progression

  • This role is part of a team working with a global Fortune-Class enterprise client.  Admirable performance can provide options for moving upward into lead and management roles within this client team and the BTI Software Development Dept.

Project Progression

  • BTI works with many Fortune-Class enterprise entities on a variety of advanced projects.  Admirable performance in this role will open doors to additional Development, Engineering, and DevOps teams on other projects.