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Shenzhen, CN

C++ Software development engineer

Roles /Responsibilities: 
Develop and maintain distributed computing platform software with C++(C/S architecture);
Develop and maintain application software with C/C++(C/S architecture);
Develop product design plans and analyze the feasibility of new technology;
Optimize codes and algorithm;
Job requirements:
Bachelor or above degree graduating from key universities
Familiar with C++, with at least 1 years of project development experience, skilled with common data structures and algorithms.
Have strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork and communication skills
Good at learning, strong problem analyzing and solving skills; Good debugging skill

Desired but not required:
Familiarity with QT 
Familiarity and experience with databases development;
Familiarity with multi-thread and multi-process programming;
Familiarity with Python, Perl or Lua;
Familiarity with LINUX environment;