ASM Research

Springfield, VA

Senior Network Engineer

$74,000-$160,000 / YEAR

Network Engineer with experience working in highly available Data Center environments. As the Engineer you will oversee the installation of networking hardware in addition to maintaining, supervising and troubleshooting the existing network. Network administrators work to install and maintain a network on which a company's information and communications are stored and transmitted. This could include local area networks (LANs) and wireless Internet networks. Cisco administrators have experience specifically in Cisco software and technology products. When a problem arises, the administrator must work quickly to determine a solution and maintain the system's security. Cisco administrators also monitor the company's network and let their superiors know about any emerging requirements or necessary updates.

Working under the direction of the Network Operations Manager/Network Architect; this position requires excellent technical, customer service, and organizational skills to support network operations for customer connections, administrative personnel, and staff. This position requires the ability to function successfully in both team and independent work environments. Duties will include:

* Installations, debugging, maintenance, upgrades, and general support for Routers, L2 and L3 Switches, Firewalls, WAN Accelerators, Load balancers, etc.

* Performing a wide range of network administration duties including installations, debugging, maintenance, upgrades, and general support for Cisco, Juniper, F-5, HP, Nortel, Brocade, and Extreme network equipment.

* Evaluate, test, and deploy all software and hardware upgrades to the networking infrastructure.

* Assist in the configuration and deployment of core and peripheral network devices, which will require continuous learning of new devices (i.e. Nexus switches, ASR routers, Cisco Firepower, and long-haul optical equipment).

* Proactive monitoring of all network devices, services, and servers using a combination of tools to ensure high availability and SLA's.

* Collect and review network utilization data for capacity and planning purposes

* Create Implementation Plans for network changes and projects.

* Assist in developing, implementing, testing, and maintaining disaster recovery plans.

* Interface with vendors for procurement & maintenance of all IT infrastructures.

* Manage & troubleshoot network and Internet connectivity throughout the organization.

* Work closely with the fellow tech team members to provide end-user support and issue resolution.

* Maintain up-to-date knowledge of emerging tools and technologies.

* Research, evaluate and recommend technologies to support business requirements.

* Rigorously create and maintain documentation for all processes and procedures.

* Collaborate with and support the work of other staff engaged in similar functions

* Provide emergency 24 x 7 on-call support on a rotating basis.


Minimum Requirements

• 10 years of experience and a B.S. degree. Bachelor of Science (BS) can be substituted with an additional 12 years of related experience.

• CCNA/CCNP Certification

• 1-3 years direct experience with Cisco 9k/7k/5k/2k/1k, Data center SDN

• 1-3 years direct experience with Cisco ACI

• 1-3 years direct experience with Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC)

• 1-3 years direct experience with F-5 Load Balancers

• 1-3 years direct experience with Cisco Firepower ASA

• 1-3 years direct experience with Juniper Firewalls


Preferred Qualifications

• Experience with REST architecture, JSON scripting

• CCIE Certification

• 3 years direct experience required in the management and administration of network infrastructure - routers, switches, etc. in a high-availability infrastructure

• 3+ experience with layer 2 network protocols switching, including but not limited to: 802.1Q tagging, STP (and its variations), LACP, etc.

• 3+ years of experience with IP subnetting

• 2+ years of experience with layer 3 network routing, including but not limited to: BGP, OSPF, EIGRP

• 2+ years of layer 4 IP protocol suites (TCP, UDP, ICMP, GRE, etc.)

• 3+ years of experience with access technologies such as LDAP, AD, RADIUS, TACACS

• 2+ years direct experience in management and administration of the F5 BIG-IP product line including Load-balancing, iRules and SSL termination.

• Extensive knowledge of data center technologies, infrastructure, and methodologies

• Experience in DNS

• Experience working in structured change management processes

• Cisco Operating Systems such as IOS and/or NX-OS

• Strong Verbal and Written Communication skills

Strong organizational / coordination skills