ART Asset Adjusters

Houston, TX

Recovery Agent/Repossession Agent

Job Description

This role is responsible for investigating and tracking the known locations of vehicles out for repossession, securing them, and towing the vehicles to the closest company storage facility. They are also responsible for appropriate, timely, and accurate documentation according to repossession and recovery laws.

Key Duties include

· Driving a company vehicle to multiple locations to locate vehicles set for repossession by their finance companies

· Communication with customers and known affiliates in a safe, peaceful and compliant manner

· Ensure compliance with all repossession laws and federal and state guidelines

· Update computer systems and databases to ensure timely and compliant communication

Required Skills / Experience

· Valid drivers license and clean driving record (see insurance requirements)

· Proficient written communication and computer skills

· Responsibility and able to work autonomously

Preferred Skills/Experience

· Prior driving experience a plus

· Prior recovery agent experience a plus

· Familiarity with the territory ( streets and addresses)


Guaranteed Pay/Bonus Structure

Job Requirements

*Driving a tow truck to debtor's known locations to locate vehicles out for repossession

*Door knocking on debtor's home or work location to try to locate debtor or gain insight to their whereabouts

*Coordinating with scouter car agents to identify vehicles

*Using investigative skills to make decisions and identify hidden vehicles

*Knowledge of vehicles make and model helpful but not required

*Able to diffuse volatile situations

*Able to move quickly and stealthily

*Ability to drive a tow truck and work mechanical equipment ( training provided)

*Documentation in internal systems

*Ability to follow directions and abide by rules

*Ability to keep calm in all instances