Lasse (pron. "Lah-se") Hamre is the co-Founder and CTO of Aloe Care Health. Previously, he was the EVP of Engineering/Technology for iHeartMedia. While there, Lasse and his team built and scaled the multi-platform music service to more than 110+ million registered users. Before that, he was the co-founder and EVP of Engineering at Thumbplay, the foundational platform for iHeart (acquired by Clear Channel in 2009). He holds a Master of Engineering in Telecom and Bachelor in Information systems from the University of Colorado, Boulder. A native of Norway, Hamre now lives in Brooklyn with his wife, son and a very good dog. Sveinung (pron. "Svy-noon") Kval Bakken serves as Aloe Care's Director of Engineering. Sveinung, who most recently served on Facebook's Instagram Feed Delivery team, drives Mobile& Platform development for the company. He brings a decade of experience to the team, most of which is focused on the successful execution of scaleable, cross-platform mobile applications for B2B and B2C. Previously, Sveinung held critical engineering roles at iHeartRadio, and Button. He got his Master of Science degree in Communication Technology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Aloe Care Health

United States

Senior Software Engineer (Platform)

$100,000-$160,000 / YEAR

Senior Platform/Backend Software Engineers Needed: Contribute to the culture of the team as an early member, see products from early design through to production. This role covers everything from hardware design, firmware development, backend/cloud development, big data/ML as well as app/web development. It all comes together to help solve a major social problem with the elderly population.

At Aloe Care You Will…

  • Engage in challenging and rewarding work: We are solving real problems that directly improve the lives of individuals and families.
  • Start-up Mode: We strongly believe that ownership and the ability to make an impact are critical for people to thrive and succeed. We have a very collaborative environment where solving problems and coming up with solutions matters most. We're at our best when we help each other grow and achieve meaningful progress. You will play a key role in shaping the culture of the company and future product direction.
  • Work on interesting problems across multiple disciplines: One of the most exciting things about working at Aloe Care, is the exposure to many different technologies. We make the hardware, the firmware, the platform/backend, ML and DS (speech recognition, anomaly detection, etc.), AND the apps that connect them all. You can either stay in your field of expertise, or you can get involved and learn about all the other things we do.
  • Work-Life Balance: We're humans first. We understand the benefits -- and the occasional challenges -- of working remotely. As such, we value your time at work and respect your time away in equal measure. 

Our Tech Stack

  • Java / Springboot: Core platform / APIs (micro services)
  • Python / Lambas: Data/ETL/cloud/ML
  • Database: RDS Postgres Aurora is used for our core platform and Redshift is our primary dwh for all the immense data collected from IoT
  • AWS Cloud: We use a lot of the services in AWS to maximize productivity and minimize operational overhead
  • CI/CD: We believe in infrastructure as code and that releasing frequently and predictably are key to getting swift feature feedback. Feature flagging is our friend. We are strong believers in data-driven decisions.

You Have…

  • 3-5 + years of professional experience in software engineering, working on JVM-based backends
  • Experience building systems with Cloud Platforms such as AWS/GCP
  • Experience working with data / SQL
  • Experience with CI/CD
  • A self-driven approach, experience at taking ideas through to execution, while working closely with product design for rapid iterations and user testing.
  • Strong communication skills. The ability to clearly articulate your engineering decisions and what problems they’re solving.
  • Comfort with short feedback loops.
  • A compassionate heart and mind. A desire to create solutions that help people lead better lives and uplift your peers.

Additional Considerations Include

  • Remote worker, NYC, or Miami based
  • Have experience or interests in healthcare, or home security/smart homes
  • Bonus Experience: Big Data, streaming data, python and terraform
  • Cherry on Top: experience with or interests in working with hardware, firmware, IoT and data