Alex Test Pro Plan

Chicago, IL

Marketing Manager

$50,000-$143,000 / YEAR

This is a test job. Please do not appy

Job Requirements
  • Executing social media marketing campaigns
  • Coordinate email marketing efforts with marketing managers
  • Create marketing presentations and marketing pages
  • Implement direct email marketing campaigns
  • Direct advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Nurturing campaigns using online marketing strategies
  • Utilize marketing analytics to create actionable marketing strategies
  • Integrate digital marketing with traditional marketing/communications campaigns and media relations efforts
  • Manage marketing resources and the marketing budget
  • Coordinate marketing campaigns with sales activities
  • Execute multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Test new digital marketing strategies
  • Coordinate digital/social marketing efforts
  • Distribute marketing and sales content
  • Implement strategic corporate brand marketing initiatives
  • Create a social media marketing plan
  • Execute b2c marketing campaigns
  • Implement marketing projects and advertising campaigns
  • Adjust sales and marketing strategies
  • Preparing online and print marketing campaigns