**About us:**Airtm financially empowers citizens in countries with broken economies. We believe it is not fair for people to lose their hard-earned money to inflation, to be disconnected from the global economy, or to lose 90% of their value when receiving a remittance. Airtm’s globally accessible dollar account allows anyone to hold their wealth in a stable currency, participate in the global economy and cash out remittances at fair exchange rates. The Airteam is a group of the 90 most capable, audacious, and hardworking individuals in tech, and we are looking for a Fullstack Engineer.

Airtm, Inc

United States

Sr. Android Developer

$90,000-$110,000 / YEAR

The Role 

The Mobile Developer is responsible for creating awesome real time solutions for our Android App, as well as designing, implementing and maintaining solutions that fulfill the app needs.

Tech Skills

  • Languages: expert in Kotlin &¬† Java
  • Expert in Android ecosystem

Strong testing experience and software engineering best practices