The AirportLabs team experience We build our team relationships on professionalism, collaboration, mutual trust, and responsibility. Each of us enjoys maximum flexibility in terms of working time and location. What prevails is the real contribution of everyone to the smooth running of the company. We cultivate initiative, trust, and open communication, we encourage constructive team play and we want to achieve together everything we set out to do and plan. We appreciate the ideas and the initiative and we all contribute to the achievement of the objectives and the successful completion of each project. We are AirportLabs We are a product development company, passionately transforming data into efficient solutions. The AirportLabs team of almost 50 people creatively combines airport knowledge, science, design, technology, and engineering to craft innovative cloud solutions that consistently improve the performance in airport operations and the quality of passengers' experience. The company is 100% owned and operated in Cluj - Romania, without investors, and without external decision-makers. We continuously develop a suite of 10 products created from scratch and sold as Software as a Service (SaaS) to our global customers. Our products and solutions help major airports, airlines, and ground handlers worldwide solve the hardest operational problems, improve efficiency, and develop the value of their services. AirportLabs' applications and services are active in more than 140 airports worldwide and contribute to 20% of the global passenger traffic.This video shows one of our recent team outings – FlyDay, Dec. 2020: These are the most recent press articles about our team and what we do at AirportLabs: Revista Biz: Ziarul Financiar: Revista Sinteza: #digitalinnovation #efficientaviation #skiesofblue If this information raised your interest, we would love to know you in person. Send us your resume and any other relevant information to
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