AGI - Dilts & Associates

Swatara, PA

IT Technology Manager

$105,000-$129,000 / YEAR

Are you comfortable managing people who do networks, security, desktop support, and who set up a help desk center? There is a PCI audit, SOX audit, and a buildout of a large helpdesk center that are all going on in the next 6 months.

You will be in charge of getting the folks together to do it. You will be expected to ask for the help you need to supplement your team and get key consultants involved.

Keeping other managers in the organization informed is critical. You will be implementing and maintaining the infrastructure that will either make them successful, or sink them. So they are interested. Yes, sometimes you will have to explain highly technical decisions to people who don't understand the technology, but understand the results they want.

It would be great if you have some certifications like CCNA, MCSE, CISM, etc. But you can also get them on the job if you are interested in pursuing them.

You will be very independent. As long as the other leaders know what you are doing, you'll have a free hand with your team and projects. You'll have the responsibility of choosing the best equipment and help, and the budgeting for it.

Apply and let's talk.

Job Requirements

Manage those who run the network, security, phone system, other infrastructure, and buildouts.

Keep infrastructure and security aligned with the local needs.