We are a dynamic company with incredible designers and engineers, searching for a Data Engineer who can help us scale our cloud-based employee engagement platform.  Sitting in an airport waiting to board a flight after working on yet another meeting filled with sleepless nights, the founders of 4th Down knew there had to be a better way.  Brett Howell and James Bodajlo discussed the need for a mobile approach to engagement and learning. They knew that if they joined forces they could build a successful business together of which they could be proud. With that goal in mind, 4th Down Software was founded on April 9, 2010. The founders had a yin and yang approach to solving problems, especially under pressure. Their shared desire for group success, rather than individual gain or praise, was and still is the foundation of 4th Down. The term 4th Down is synonymous with pressure. Pressure is where the 4th Down team thrives. In the heat of the moment when the lights are shining and everyone is watching, that is when we find a way to deliver success.
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